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Arizona Red Light Cameras

Right now, red light cameras are being highly debated in Arizona. Although many major cities are using them, some question if being served via mail is legal. If a camera catches you running a red light, they mail you the citation, which you are required to sign and send back, according to the paperwork. However, by signing, you are acknowledging, “I ran a red light” and waiving your rights to be served the ticket in person.

However, if you ignore the ticket, most courts in Arizona will suspend your license and issue additional fines. You best course of action is to call a lawyer for advice about how to handle any ticket you get in the mail.

Keep in mind, though, that you should never run a red light in the first place. Tickets are meant to discourage this activity, since it can be very dangerous for you and others on the road. Instead of saying, “I ran a red light ticket” and shrugging it off – pay your ticket and learn from your past actions.


Dangers of Running Red Lights

Red lights are set in place in high traffic areas to help vehicles and pedestrians cross intersections safely. Intersection cameras and police officers issue an Arizona red light ticket in order to discourage running red lights. Read more...

Number of Texas Red Light Tickets Issued

Red light tickets are citations that are given out when you run a red light. This can be done in person or by mail after an Arizona red light camera catches you running the light. In both cases, fines can be steep. In addition, if you go through a red light, chances are that you were also speeding, so you may get more than one citation. Read more...

Red Light Camera Locations

Red light cameras are everywhere! Find one close to you by clicking on your city. Read more...

What Are Traffic Lights?

Traffic lights are structures placed at the intersection of two roads. Using different colored lights, they let drivers know when it is their turn to go across the intersection. Wherever there's an intersection, there's the possibility of an accident if two cars try to cross at the same time. The purpose of a traffic light is to keep wrecks and other traffic accidents from happening by allowing traffic to proceed in an orderly manner, one direction at a time. Signals connected to red lights also indicate when it's safest for pedestrians to cross, reducing the number of people on foot who get hit by cars. Read more...

What To Do If You Ran a Red Light

In Arizona, fines for running red lights are steep. If you are caught by a police officer, you can expect up to $250 in fines, and if you’re caught by an Arizona red light camera, you can expect up to $165 in fines. Read more...

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